A website without a proper marketing campaign is a site heading for failure. The internet provides you with a marketplace that spans the globe and with the right tools and the right internet marketing campaign you have the potential to reach customers in all corners of the world. Let’s have a look at 5 top tools for your internet marketing campaign.

1.) Track Your Campaigns


Of all the marketing options this is one of the most important things you can do. Track and monitor your email campaigns and other campaigns you put together. By correctly tracking them you know how well they are working, and if there are problems. For example, let’s say your list of email address you use for your email campaign has a 40% bounce rate. By being on top of things you’ll know this and make necessary changes. Proper monitoring can be the difference between success and failure.

2.) Email Marketing


Of the methods of internet marking available to you the Internet Marketing guru’s feel this is by far the best. Think about how often people check their email. Many have it running in the background at all times with the “you have mail” message.

Email is the most direct form of marketing available to you. There are many products on the market that include email marketing because it’s so important. Many allow you to send out bulk emails automatically. But what you need isn’t anything fancy, you need something reliable, so choose a service that can guarantee the email you are sending actually reaches your clients.

3.) Analyze Your Campaigns

You have all the data you collected from tracking your campaigns and monitoring them. Now you need to use this data to analyze your campaigns. See how your campaigns are really doing, whether they’re being successful or flopping. By analyzing you can make necessary changes and ensure you are getting the maximum benefits from your campaigns.

4.) Social Networking


These days we hear a lot about social networking and what it can do for ones website. In fact, smart internet marketers turn incorporate social networking into their internet marketing campaigns.

People can share videos, photos, messages, and stories. They allow you to track anniversaries, birthdays, and other events. You can add your profile page; create a group based on a specific topic that is relevant to your website.

Almost all of these sites are free to sign up. You can invite others and bring them all together under one roof, making this an excellent opportunity to bring together both current customers and potential customers. Market your services or your products. The more information you have on your profile the better. This is an excellent form of internet marketing that to date isn’t used to its maximum potential.

5.) Speed Not Size

Those that go online to shop or get information are impatient and want it right now! They want to place their order right now and they want you to ship it right now. They want their questions answered immediately and they won’t wait more than a few seconds to have that information appear. That means don’t bog down your marketing campaigns with a bunch of graphics that are slow to load or fancy video entries. Your potential customer will be gone before you can say buy. Your secret is about how fast your site loads not how big it is.

Now this might seem obvious and you might be wondering why it would appear on a list of tools for your internet marketing campaign. It’s here because more often than not newcomers land up spending more than they are making and that’s not the formula for success. It’s this one simple tip or tool that catapults many internet gurus into millionaires.

It doesn’t matter what your service or product. It doesn’t matter how big or small your market is. Those that are making money online are spending less than what they are making. These 5 top tools for your internet marketing campaign will help you be one of the winners.

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